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Sloth (chaise lounge) are actually chairs, elongated shape in which you can relax. It is a combination of chairs and beds, which provides isolation like to sit in a chair, and at the same time provides the comfort of the bed.

Ever since ancient civilizations until modern times-chairs sloths have taken their place in the interior and become decorative pieces of furniture as well as a challenge for designing many famed designers.

Throughout olden times chair has developed the status of the most important pieces of furniture, the production of which was paid significant attention. One of the key explanations was the symbolic meaning of the chair. The chair is, in fact, associated with the sublime place of King, Emperor, priests and this symbolism and maintained. Today there are various types of chairs, from simple to design exclusive and are adapted to the intended use and aesthetics and types of interiors. Although the design of the chair seems simple, it requires much more than making ordinary items of furniture.

The chair is of great antiquity and easiness, though for many centuries and certainly for thousands of years it was an object of state and pride rather than an article of ordinary use. The chair is quiet widely used as the symbol of authority. In fact, until the 16th century that it became mutual everywhere. The chest and the other parts of chairs, were until then the usual seats used in ordinary living, and the amount of chairs which have lasted from a past date is exceptionally limited.

Sloths (chaise lounge) are actually chairs, elongated shape (“long chair”) in which you can relax. Name chaise lounge, comes from the French word, which means a long chair, while the term means a lounge lazily stretch. It is a combination of chairs and beds, which provides isolation like to sit in a chair, and at the same time provides the comfort of the bed. Often, anatomical, very comfortable and provided for a break during the day (ideal for laziness). Therefore, these comfortable chairs and an elongated port name sloths, although they are called and lounges.

Anyway sloths have found their place in the living room in front of the TV, home libraries, working rooms and even bathrooms. There are sloths designed for open spaces – gardens, terraces.

There is a wide range of shapes and looks sloths. Are made of various materials, a combination of several different materials, or as a highly reduced form of a single molded material. They represent an irresistible piece of furniture, all forms and interpretations.
Designer sloths have gone in two directions when designing. Some of them are dedicated to the design just ignoring functionality, while others have dedicated themselves to the anatomical appearance sloths that provide ultimate comfort. Both are acceptable, depending on what you are looking for, but it is certainly not the best solutions blend of both. Decide for yourself what a challenge! Sloths are among other topics were of interest and many famous architects (Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe…).

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